Joaquin Souberbielle Underwear + Shirtless: Survivor Worlds Apart

Survivor host Jeff Probst, who’s often accused of favoring hunky manly Survivor contestants (over female ones whether they are badass like Natalie Anderson or clueless like Baylor), has got himself a handsome bro to crush on in the upcoming 30th edition of the CBS reality show. Let’s check out Jeff’s newest bro, shall we?

His name is Joaquin Souberbielle. He’s from New York. He works as a marketing director. And he’ll be a part of the White Collar tribe. By the way, for those of you who don’t know yet, Survivor 30 is called World’s Apart: White Collar, Blue Collar, No Collar.

Let’s have more photos of Joaquin and his hunkiness, shall we? These pics are grabbed from his Instagram account (follow him at joaq’s world).

Hello there, party boy!
Joaquin Souberbielle body - survivor worlds apart

Is Joaquin a wine snob like Jon Misch?

Joaquin Souberbielle shirtless

Hmm. He sure love him is drinks. Hope he does not turn out to be an alcoholic. Hehe.

Joaquin Souberbielle sexy survivor hunk