Jesse Metcalfe Underwear, Women’s Thong, Shirtless Photos

Jesse Metcalfe Underwear, Women’s Thong, Shirtless Photos. Are you a fan of men wearing women’s underwear? Well, you should thank the movie god for John Tucker Must Die where the sexy and gorgeous Jesse Metcalfe was made to wear a pair of lacy women’s thong.

Jesse Metcalfe Shirtless

He apparently loved it according to a report by from back in 2006:

In his new movie, Jesse Metcalfe reveals he felt very comfortable in his own skin-which meant shooting a scene in women’s underwear.

The “Desperate Housewife” star had to wear a red lace thong for his new movie “John Tucker Must Die” and admits he didn’t find it uncomfortable. “It was fun, physical and a very liberating scene to shoot,” he said.

Unfortunately, the teacher below apparently does not agree with Jesse. [Question to you lady Famewatchers: What would you do if you, like the woman in the movie below, open your bedroom and see a man as gorgeous as Jesse Metcalfe lying on your bed wearing nothing but a pair of women’s thong? Would you pull him by the ear and humiliate him in public which is what the teacher did or would you, like our friend Deena suggests, jump in bed and “wrestle” with the guy?]

jesse metcalfe thong underwear

Aww. Don’t hurt our Jesse!

jesse metcalfe wearing womens panties

If you are a fan not only of men in women’s panties but also of our Jesse, you should also thank the TV gods for bringing him back to the small screen via the TNT drama series Dallas. The 34 year old hottie plays Christopher Ewing, let’s check him out looking fabulous in his black boxer briefs.

jesse metcalfe underwear - dallas

He may not have the abs of Taylor Lautner but he sure is in pretty good shape, no?

jesse metcalfe dallas underwear - boxer shorts

Who looks better in their underwear? Christopher or his Dallas rival John Ross played by Josh Henderson (see Josh Henderson Underwear Photos)? They both look good but we give the edge to any dude who wears women’s panties which Jesse did in John Tucker Must Die.

jesse metcalfe boxers underwear dallas

By the way, our American hunk also posed in his Calvin Klein boxer shorts in this photoshoot for Men’s Fitness magazine.

jesse metcalfe underwear calvin klein Boxers

Does he have the best chest hair in the world or what?

Jesse Metcalfe Underwear, Women’s Thong, & Shirtless Photos. Posted 9 March 2013.