Is the combination of jeans and blazers for men still fashionable or is it now out of style? Well, to answer your question, let’s check out what talented American actor Jeremy Renner was wearing at the Mexico City premiere of his latest hit movie, The Bourne Legacy. If we are to answer with the help of the photo above, the answer would obviously be “Yes, a combination of your blazer and a pair of jeans is not out of style.” Four of us Famewatchers (Deena, Toby, Kevin, and Pim) agree that jeans and blazers will be “in fashion” so long as there will be jeansRead More →

Justin Timberlake rocks the “jeans and blazer” fashion look in the set of his movie Friends With Benefits with Mila Kunis. Who among us Famewathers would like to be friends with Justin? And who among us would like to be acquainted with “his benefits”? Wooo. Pretty much everyone!! Well, we’re not surprised. The dude is sexy and he looks good in skinny jeans so who doesn’t want to be friends with “his benefits”. Harhar.Read More →

Are blazers and jeans a good fashion combination for men? Of course it is a good combination. It’s a great casual wear and, depending on the colors, you might also be able to rock the blazer-jeans combo during semi-formal or casual-formal events.

Oh, if you are a famous celebrity with A-List name recognition, you can also use blazer and jeans to go incognito which appears to be what Keanu Reeves is trying to do in these photos. The paps recognized him though.Read More →