Jean Claude Van Damme Shirtless and Speedo Photos

Jean Claude Van Damme Underwear. For some reason, some of you were looking for “Jean Claude Van Damme in Calvin Klein underwear”. Since we are all about guys in their Calvin Klein, we decided to update this post to give you what you want. Unfortunately, we’re not 100% sure whether the Muscles from Brussels is really wearing CKs in these photos. But whether they’re CKs or not, we gotta give the guy props for looking good in his white briefs. He sure is the “if you got it, flaunt it” kind of guy, no?

jean claude van damme underwear

Several years later, the muscles from Brussels continue to bulge in all the right places. Check him out in his white Speedo swimwear. [What did we tell you about white Speedos or underwear? They tend to be more revealing than dark colored ones.]

Jean Claude wearing a blue Speedo swimsuit when he was younger.

jean claude van damme underwear

Van Damme in bikini briefs. [Oops, sorry we deleted the Jean Claude Van Damme Underwear Bikini. But if you want a pair of bikini briefs for yourself, go check out this mens bikini briefs sale.]

Wait, is this a Jean Claude Van Damme underwear like, say, boxer briefs? Or is simply a pair of shorts?

We won’t be surprised if he prefers to do his kickboxing stuff wearing nothing but his boxers underwear. Maybe its his way of intimidating or psyching out his opponents inside the ring. Here’s his co-star After all, his Junior is known to intimidate his fellow actors. Here’s an NY Magazine report that should clarify what we’re talking about. Haha.

From NY Mag: “While shooting the sci-fi thriller Replicant, [Michael] Rooker was called upon to give Van Damme’s character a full strip search. After some consideration, however, Rooker decided it was for the best to go against the script and make the bulging Belgian keep his undies on. “It was great working with him,” Rooker tells us, “but as far as a strip search goes, I was — and remain — unwilling to share the screen with Jean-Claude Van Damme Junior. There aren’t many screens in the U.S. that can handle the magnitude of both Jean-Claude and his Junior.”

No wonder some of you are interested in his Calvin Kleins. Haha.

Update: A funny scene with Van Damme as Mr. Silk Underwear. Surely, he is ahead of the curve when it comes to underwear choices coz its only now that men are discovering the delights of silk underwear (see: Silk Men’s Underwear).

Is Van Damme Gay? Nah. He is a serial “hetero-marrier” so he can’t be gay. He’s currently married to Gladys Portugues. Our friends at also do not think he is gay and has given him a gaydar rating of only 38% which means he is “very straight”.

Still Van Damme himself is not above stirring the rumors that he is gay by starring in campy and suggestive films like this one:

Funny, huh?