Today in male celebrity jackets, we bring you hunky American actor Aaron Eckhart and his military-style fatigue jacket by JCrew. He’s looking good, isn’t he? He rocks not only his J Crew jacket but his facial hair as well. Seriously, unlike Brad Pitt who looked bad with his much lamented beard, Aaron is looking nice in this pic. The only unfortunate thing about his beard is that it hides his sexy chin dimple. Update (21 September 2011): Aside from Aaron, other famous celebrities spotted in military-style jackets include Chris O’Donnell (whatever is he doing these days?) who’s seen in the photo below wearing a GAPRead More →

jcrew fall winter jackets for men

If you are a jacket enthusiast (if there’s ever such a thing and we don’t see why there won’t be), you’d totally like these J Crew men’s jackets from its 2010 Fall/Winter collection. They’re stylish but totally wearable.
J Crew Men’s Spring/Summer 2011 Colletion
So you’ve seen the above fall/winter jackets for men by J. Crew and you’ve wondered, “What about for the spring and summer seasons, what kind of men’s jackets does J. Crew have to keep its customers warm?”

Well, let’s check out some hot male models in their J. Crew Spring/Summer 2011 jackets, shall we? Let’s start with Tomas Skoloudik modeling his J. Crew spring jacket. Do you know where he’s from? All we know about him is that he did some gay-oriented adult videos before he made it to the mainstream modeling world.Read More →

Because you want more J Crew menswear, here’s some male fashion models niftily dressed in their J Crew outfits. What do you think of these guys’ sweaters? They look comfy and warm enough, no?

Earlier we brought you some male models and celebrities wearing J. Crew mens jackets, now let’s check out some celebs and models dressed in sweaters by the American fashion brand.

Swedish hottie Alexander Skarsgard (who some of you know as that hunk of a vampire Erik Northman in True Blood) looks oh-so-fuckin sexy in his blue J.Crew V-neck cashmere sweater in this scene from his hit TV show. If you got the musculature like Alex, you should show off your body with a tight outfit. You’re looking good, Mr. Alex.Read More →