James Rodriguez Underwear – J10 by Bronzini

James Rodriguez Underwear. If you are looking for a footballer to crush on, you certainly can’t go wrong with Colombian footie star James Rodriquez.

He’s fresh. He’s young (at only 23 years old). He’s got gorgeous model good looks. He’s very talented (he’s the top scorer in the 2014 World Cup). And, he’s loaded with money — millions and millions of ’em. When he signed with Real Madrid in June this year for what many believe amounts to €80 million, our gorgeous James became “the 4th most expensive player in history, the 3rd most expensive in Real Madrid’s history, and the most expensive Colombian to date surpassing Radamel Falcao’s €60 million in 2013”.

Oh and get this, the handsome Colombian football star has just launched his own underwear label – J10. Ten refers to his jersey number but let’s start a silly rumor that it also stands for his you-know-what in inches. Hahaha. By the by, our James underwear is made in collaboration with Colombian underwear brand Bronzini.

james rodriguez j10 underwear - boxer briefs6

James’ J10 underwear comes in sexy blues. Now, before you go crushing on our James, we gotta tell you that he’s no longer single and available but is already very much married to fellow Colombian Daniela Ospina. The couple are blessed with one-year-old daughter Salome. See a photo of the happy family in an earlier post we wrote about James: James Rodriguez Shirtless.

james rodriguez j10 underwear - boxer briefs4

James Rodriguez’s J10 white boxer briefs.

james rodriguez j10 underwear - boxer briefs2

Oh apparently, briefs are available too for those of you who are into snug briefs rather than boxer briefs.

james rodriguez j10 underwear - boxer briefs3

James may need some modeling tips from Tyra but he’s still cool in our book.

Smile, James baby, smile. Better yet, follow Tyra’s instruction to SMIZE, SMIZE, SMIZE (Tyraism for smile with your eyes).

So did these James Rodriguez underwear photos convince you to join us to crush on the Real Madrid midfielder?

james rodriguez j10 underwear - boxer briefs23

That’s it for now, fellow FootballWatchers! What do you think of James underwear line? Better than David Beckham’s and Cristiano Ronaldo’s? Will our Colombian hunk’s underwear be as successful as Bjorn Borg’s?

To date the Swedish tennis icon has the most successful underwear label among all athletes who launched their own apparel brands. Wanna see some Bjorn Borg Underwear Models?