James Magnussen Speedo, Underwear, Girlfriend Photos

The gods must be loving us because they seem to be granting a Famewatcher dream we’ve been hoping to happen these past eight years: that swimmers ditch their ugly bodysuits and jammers and, once again, wear briefs-style swimsuits. Check out Aussie hunk and world swimming champion James Magnussen in his Speedo swimsuit during last month’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow:


Another photo of James in his Speedo. It’s sitting dangerously low but no one is complaining. By the way, swimmers aren’t the only ones who have rediscovered the beauty of Speedo briefs, check out these Footballers in Speedos.


James in a Jammer Swimsuit aka The Second Worst Men’s Swimsuit Ever Invented. The distinction of being The Worst Men’s Swimsuit Ever goes to the bodysuit which is not only ugly but also gives unfair advantage to its wearer. Thank heavens the swimming powers-that-be came to their senses and eventually banned the bodysuit. They should never have approved it in the first place.

Anyhoo, let’s go back to our swimming champion James Magnussen who, apparently, is a spokesmodel for an underwear brand called Jac5 (named after its founder James A Christopher). Here are some of James modeling pics:

James in Jac5 boxer shorts.

james-magnussen underwear - boxers

In boxer briefs.