James Mackay Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, Hot Guy in Suit

James Mackay Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, Hot Guy in Suit. Today in hot men in suits, we bring you Australian actor James Mackay who appears to always bring his A-1 game when it comes to dressing up in suits whether for a red carpet event or for photoshoots. Check him out.

james mackay sexy men in suit

Yum. Just yum! What do they say about men’s suits being like a bikini? Something like these garments make you curious about what’s hidden inside. Hehe. Anyhoo, here are more photos of our Aussie actor rocking his suits.

hot men in suit - james mackay

james mackay bulge in suit

james mackay hot guy in suit

As we mentioned in an earlier post, James is starring as Steven Carrington in the reboot of Dynasty on The CW. Unlike in the original version, Steven is an out and proud gay man with a hunky Latino (played by Rafael de la Fuente) as a lover.

james mackay gay dynasty boyfriend

Of course, the two get kissy kissy in front of the camera. Yay! We here at Famewatcher, especially Kevin, want more of this so let us keep our fingers crossed that the Dynasty reboot will last a long long time. Hehe.

james mackay gay in real life

James Mackay Gay in Real Life? Is our Aussie cutie gay in real life? We do not know. If he is not, you can consider him an ally to the LGBT community because he’s expressed support for marriage equality in Australia. He posted some LGBT positive messages on his Instagram page too. If you want more of James, follow him on Instragram at @jameswmackay.

James Mackay Girlfriend or Wife? According to dating history website whosdatedwho.com, James is currently single. We will update this section in the future once we find out more about James’ relationship status.

James Mackay Shirtless Photos. This section is for those of you who are fans of celebrities with no shirt. Hehe. We screencapped these shirtless photos of James from his 2014 short movie Manny Gets Censored.

james mackay naked in manny gets censored

And here’s a shirtless James Mackay photo we grabbed from his Instagram account. Again, you can follow him @jameswmackay.

james mackay shirtless in speedo

James Mackay Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, Hot Guy in Suit. Posted 24 September 2017.