James Franco Underwear and Shirtless Photos

James Franco Underwear and Shirtless Photos. What kind of underwear does James Franco wear? Boxers or briefs? Apparently, the answer is neither. Apparently, our James loves him his G-string underwear. Okay, okay, this photo is actually from one of his early movies called Whatever It Takes, but isn’t it totally fun imagining our James dancing in his skimpy G-String undies. Boy, wouldn’t that be some kind of heaven?

Hey look, our James also is into bras. Should we include him in our list of men who wear women’s underwear?

james franco underwear

UPDATE, 18 May 2011: Did you know that there’s actually a James Franco Underwear being sold in department stores? Here’s a James Franco boxers described as “blessed with an elastic band and a breathable cotton panel”. You can apparently have it at $3.99. That’s a great buy considering you’ll be wearing a freakin’ James Franco underwear.

james franco underwear boxers

Here’s our handsome pretty boy wearing a tight boxers underwear in Spiderman. Did they digitally enhance his chest area? Or is it really massive like that?

james franco underwear boxer shorts

james franco underwear piderman

Delicious pictures of James bulging in his ballet tights from when he did a parody of Black Swan during his much-criticized hosting of the Oscar Awards.


This is LOL funny. This is why we loves us our James Franco. Of course, we loves us our Sean Penn too. In an interview with Attitude Magazine, James reveals that when they were shooting Milk, Sean Penn was shocked (and got envious) of James. But he didn’t realize that James was wearing a prosthetic p for the movie.

Says James:

“I don’t know why he didn’t know it wasn’t a prosthetic p because he had his own prosthetic p! But he just hadn’t worn it yet.”

“Anyway, I dive into the pool naked and I guess out of the corner of his eye Sean sees me and this p hangs really low and – he doesn’t say anything to me, I heard this story from JUDD APPATOW – and he’s thinking, ‘God, does this James Franco have everything?’”

UPDATE: More James Franco Underwear Photos. Let’s have more James Franco underwear photos, shall we? Here’s a peekabo underwear pic from James’ latest film, Spring Breakers. What brand is he wearing? Calvin Klein!

james franco calvin klein - spring breakers

And here’s our James in briefs from his 2002 movie, Sonny, about a soldier who works as a male prostitute in his mother’s brothel. Ugh! How fucked-up is that?