Jack Wilshere Shirtless and Speedo Photos With Baby Mama

jack wilshere shirtless

Jack Wilshere Shirtless. Twenty-year old cutie Jack Wilshere is our football boyfriend of the day. And why not? He sizzles, sizzles, and sizzles. He’s a little too cute at times (with his peekabo undies and all). He doesn’t mind posing in his Speedos. He sometimes resemble Justin Timberlake. And, if Andrei Arshavin is to be believed — and we find no reason not to believe him — Jack Wilshere has the most noticeable you-know-what among Arsenal’s stable of football players.

Here’s the video where Andrei was asked about “something something in the shower” and Arshavin goes, “..what? I don’t want to say. I should say? Jack Wilshere.”

We agree with those who say that the question is really about who among his teammates takes the longest time in the shower but our Russian cutie misunderstood it to mean something else. We’re glad for misunderstandings like this that brings out very revealing answers. Haha.

Who says guys should wear pink underwear? Jack Wilshere, of course. And he is not alone.

In fact, there’s a news report a few years ago that more and more men are buying pink underwear? We can’t find the report now but if memory serves us right, the upswing in pink men’s underwear sales happened at the beginning of the global financial crisis and some analyst attribute this to the need for men to brighten up their lives.

jack wilshere pink underwear

Anyhoo, didn’t we say that Jack kinda looks like Justin Timberlake?

jack wilshere - justin timberlake lookalike

Actually, he’s got better abs than the American singer.

jack wilshere shirtless abs

Now, here’s the Jack Wilshere shirtless in his Speedo photos that some of you have been googling. These were taken at some beach in Dubai. Are we geography geniuses or what? Nah. Not really, it’s pretty obvious where he’s at because of the with that Burj Al Arab building in the background.

jack wilshere speedo - beach photo

Sorry gals (and our gay friend Kevin), this Arsenal midfielder is very much taken. Wiki tells us that he’s got a girlfriend and a baby mama named Lauren Neal. The two have a son named Archie Jack Wilshere who was born in 2011. We think the girl with Jack in the pic below is Lauren.

jack wilshere girlfriend

A closer look at the English hunk and his Speedo swimsuit.

jack wilshere speedo

Whether in his swimsuit or in a suit, our Jack Wilshere is a sizzling cutie.

jack wilshere arsenal hunk

We’re loving the skinny tie.