Jack Tweed Underwear: He Wears Women’s Undies

Jack Tweed Underwear Post Update: Our Jack hogged the headlines a few months ago when he revealed that he and Jade made up stories which they then sold to the media. We are, kinda, not surprised.

From Jack’s Twitter: “Some strange clueless people in that z list world that believe anything. The amount of bulls**t that me and jade used to make up When she wanted a new car or whatever just make some lie up every1 believes it 4 storys and 30k later ur laughing.”

Question to fellow Famewatchers: If you were in their shoes, would you do what Jade and Jack did? If a newspaper is willing to pay big bucks for any story you tell them, whether made-up or not, would you also sell imaginary stories for 30k to buy a car? We can’t say we ain’t gonna do it if newspapers are foolish enough to pay for stories they can’t verify.

Updated 28 August 2016. Originally post below published last 22 February 2009.

Jack Tweed Underwear: He Wears Women’s Undies. Can someone explain to us what all these mean? Is it a British thing? Do British grooms and their male friends wear women’s undies before they get married? Or are Jack and friends advocating for some kind of men’s liberation or something? Or are they just being silly. Questions. Questions.

jack tweed underwear - women's panties

Hey Jack, we’d rather see you in your own sexy men’s undies.

Jack Tweed underwear driver. Who says men can’t drive around while wearing women’s panties and bras? Certainly not our Jack!

Jack Tweed in Beach Shorts
21 February 2009

Are we being insensitive jerks if we post a shirtless beach photo of soon to be Jane Goody’s husband, Jack Tweed? We can’t help but notice that he is oh so cute, you know. Hey Jack, who brings his papers to a holiday vacation?

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