Italian Male Model: Damiano Frascaroli in Low Rise Jeans


This post on male model Damniano Frascaroli (photos by Hans Fahrmeyer) is for those of you Famewatchers who are fans of the awesomeness of Italian men. It’s also for those who like men with six-pack ab muscles and those who love them their low rise jeans. And, last but not the least, it is also for our friend Deena who likes looking at pictures of hot guys with no shirt.



Low Waist Jeans: Bulging French Guy

11 October 2009


Who says only Americans are into that patriotic flag-waving to the point of being silly? Not this French dude whose version of flag-waving is expressed through the body paint in his abdomen. We give him props for having a nicely done artwork. The French tri-color really does fit nicely on his awesome six-pack abs, doesn’t it?

Anyone else noticing the bulge on his jeans? We think this guy can rival his fellow French hottie Gilles Marini in the bulge department. Who knows, maybe he can outscore David Beckham and Michael Biserta too.

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Men in Jeans and Their Big Balls
06 August 2009

Are you a fan of men in jeans with big balls? Well, here’s a photo of a guy with washboard abs dressed only in his denim jeans while looking down at his basketball. Very nice photo, isn’t it?

Want more shirtless guys in jeans playing with their balls? Well, here’s another photo of two guys in low rise jeans trying to out-jump each other. Who says white men can’t jump? Not these two obviously.

Finally, here’s a guy without a face with a pair of big multi-colored balls. How cool is that? We can’t say if this guy is actually wearing jeans but maybe he’s got some short short pants behind them balls. Like the guys above, this faceless dude got really good looking six-pack abs.


Finally, here’s a guy, who’s obviously not also wearing jeans, but we’re still putting here as a bonus for those of you who like guys with big balls.

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[Oops, sorry, the photos were deleted. Apologies.]