Rugby is So Gay: Rugby Players’ Intimate Moments. Is the photo below the greatest photo ever in the history of sports journalism? Nah. Not really. The greatest sports photo ever should have Muhammad Ali in it. Hehe. However, this photo is a great sports photograph.

It is also cool and funny enough to add to our Sports Is So Gay series. For those of you who missed our previous entries for the Sports Is So Gay series, check out our posts on the following sports: golf, basketball, baseball, hockey, and American football. Our favorite of them all, not surprisingly, involves wrestling.

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Gay NFL Players: Out or Rumored Gay American Football Jocks. Are there actually gay American football players whether active or retired and whether professional or college footballers? Of course there are, here’s some of them:

Ed Gallagher: Offensive tackle for the University of Pittsburgh. He tried to commit suicide as he struggled against his homosexuality. He survived the attempt but became a paraplegic as a result. He went on to become an author and public speaker focusing on disabilities and homosexuality.

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