hockey is so gay kiss

Hockey Is So Gay 2017 Update. From the time we posted our original post below, some “gayish” things have been happening in the world of hockey so we decided to update this post. We start with these unintentional (or maybe they are intentional) gay kissin’ photos.Read More →

Gay Rugby Players: A List. Because rugby is one of the gay-friendliest team sport on in the world, we thought that there will be lots of gay rugby players to write in this list. Turns out that we are mistaken. In fact, you need only one hand to count the number of pro rugby players who’ve come out. The good thing though is that there are several prominent rugby players who are supportive of the LGBT community so we decided to include them here as straight allies. Ian Roberts. We’ve blogged about this Aussie hunk before (see Ian Roberts) but some of you may wantRead More →


Is this the greatest photo ever in the history of sports journalism? Hmmm, maybe not but its cool and funny enough to add to our Is So Gay series.

Speaking of rugby, don’t you just love them rugby players. It seems like they have the least hang-up when it comes to baring their bodies. For instance, check out these video of the Austrian rugby team who did some strip-teasing in the streets of Vilnius.
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