Dez Duron Gay, Girlfriend, and Shirtless Photos

Dez Duron Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Is Dez Duron gay? We ask because that’s what we do. Haha. Nope, actually we ask because he seems to love, love, love him his V-Neck shirts. Now, if we remember the “teachings” last year of the Malaysian Ministry of Education, V-Neck shirts are gay and men who wear them are gayer. Anyhoo, let’s speculate on why our cutie Dez is gay, shall we?

dez duron fashion style - white tank top shirt

Let’s start of course with the idea suggested by the Malaysia that V-Neck shirts = gay. If you have a V-neck shirt, you are a friend of Dorothy. If you have a closet full of V-necks as Dez apparently does, then you are a BFF of Dorothy. Did we say Dez has a closetful of V-Neck shirts? Yes, we did. Check ’em out below.

Dez Duron gay proof: a white V-neck shirt.

dez duron gay proof v neck shirt - white

A black V-neck.

dez duron vneck - black shirt

A dark blue V-neck.

dez duron fashion - dark blue vneck shirt and dog tag

A gray V-neck shirt.

dez duron gay - v neck shirts

Seriously, this guy really, really, really loves him his V-necks. Maybe because he wants to show us his hairy chest? Even his cardigan is V-necked.

dez duron gay - hairy chest

Apart from his V-necks, are there other signs which could prove that Dez is gay? Well our friend Kevin believes (we think its more “hope” on Kevin’s part rather than actual “belief) that Dez is gay because he has an impeccable fashion style. He looks pretty good in whatever he wears be it a suit, a leather jacket, or anything.

dez duron fashion - suit and tie

dez duron leather jacket

dez duron shirt fashion style