Is Blake Griffin Gay? His Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Is Blake Griffin gay or straight? If you ask his namesake (surnamesake?) Kathy Griffin, we’re pretty sure she’s going to say that the basketball superstar is gay. Why? Because, according to her, only gay guys would have delectable washboard abs like the one Blake is sporting in these photos!

blake griffin cover for mens health

Now, Kathy may be a gay icon and her gaydar may be better than most but she is not infallible (after all, she unknowingly dated a gay dude in high school) so we looked around the internets to see what people are saying on whether the LA Clippers power forward is a friend of Dorothy.

blake griffin for hyperice - six pack washboard abs

Our friends at, another barometer of celebrity gayness/straightness, are kind divided on the matter but they are inclined to think that he is quite straight: “According to 8 visitors Blake Griffin is 65% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Blake Griffin is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

For his part, our friend Kevin points to these cross-dressing photos of Blake as evidence that Blake is “not quite straight”.

blake griffin gay - pink shirt

A blond Blake Griffin in pink tank top shirt, how straight is that?


Is that a short shorts he’s wearing or is that a mini-skirt? Want more men wearing women’s clothes? Go check out our post on Men in Short Skirts.

But then, here’s the context behind the above photos which explains what exactly our Blake is doing dressing up as a girl. From

  • They were taken when Blake Griffin was 15
  • The photos were from a “Back to School” video skit performed by the OCS Student Tech team.
  • Blake was (probably) impersonating a female upperclassman
  • There is a chance that OCS owns the rights to the pictures

Okay, so Blake is not crossdressing a-la Alex Reid but is doing it for a school event. That’s a good enough explanation but what is our Blake doing in the video clip below touching the cutie Chandler Parsons’ groin area?

The first time we watched the video, we were like “WTF?!!!! Did he really do that?” And Youtube commenters are like:

  • That’s a dick move man.
  • Why does that guy like to feel up another mans c*ck?

It’s most likely that he didn’t mean to do it, or maybe he was going for a handshake or something, or maybe he is just messing with Parsons (the two are supposedly close friends dating back to their Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) days) but we won’t blame you if you go, “Hmmmmm…”

Now, for those of you who are looking for Blake Griffin’s underwear, we’re afraid that we haven’t found any but his pic from ESPN Magazine’s The Body Issue is more interesting than any underwear pic out there, right?

blake griffin naked espn

For the record, he apparently didn’t go full monty in the pic above but was actually wearing a pair of thong underwear.

blake griffin-shirtless

Damn, he’s hawt!

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