Hublot Mens Watch Brand Ambassadors: Usain Bolt

Hublot Mens Watch Brand Ambassadors: Usain Bolt. Add Hublot to your list of fabulous luxury Swiss watches. And you should also add sprint Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt to your list of top athletes who also serve as watch ambassadors. Hublot and Usain (aka the fastest man in the world) inked their sponsorship deal in May this year.

hublot mens watch brand ambassador usain bolt

Check out the Jamaican superstar as he inspects and poses with his Hublot watch.

hublot mens watch usain bolt

usain bolt hublot

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Hublot For Mexican National Football Team
18 September 2010

hublot mens watch mexico football tean

With its partnership with football organizations, do you think Hublot Watch is becoming the watch of choice for football players and football fans? As you may already know, Hublot is the “Official Watchmaker” for the recently concluded FIFA World Cup 2010 as well as the upcoming World Cup 2014. It is also in partnership with the Mexican national football association for whom it made a fab watch using the Mexican tri-color.

hublot mens watch mexic

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Hublot Watch Commemorates Alex Rodriguez Homerun With Big Bang King Power Black Magic
18 October 2010

hublot mens watch alex rodriguez

Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot gives a Big Bang King Power Black Magic Hublot Watch to baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez to commemorate his 600th homerun. Yeah, like A-Rod can’t afford to buy his own luxury watch. Isn’t this like giving a big fat rich man some super-expensive cake when he celebrates his birthday?

hublot alex rodriguez


Czech Supermodel Veronica Varekova is Spokesmodel for Hublot Watch
19 October 2010

hublot womens watch

Of course Hublot doesn’t limit itself to manufacturing fabulous men’s watches like the Big Bang King Power Watch they gave to Alex Rodriguez. It has sexy and elegant watches too especially made for the ladies. Just ask their watch ambassador Czech supermodel Veronica Varekova.

hublot womens watch veronica varekova

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Hublot Mens Watch Brand Ambassadors: Usain Bolt and Women’s Hublot Too. Posted in Luxury Watches.