Hot Wrestlers in Singlets: Olympic Gold Medal Winners

Hot Wrestlers in Singlets: Olympic Gold Medal Winners. It’s that time of the year when we update our posts here at Famewatcher and we decided that for this original posts about athletes in spandex, we are going to focus on the most badass Spandex-wearing sports star of all: wrestlers who bagged gold medals in the Olympic sport of wrestling. We begin with our favorite who, naturally, tops our list of hot wrestlers in singlets — Italy’s Andrea Minguzzi. We actually wrote an earlier post about him (see: Wrestlers in Spandex) but we haven’t uploaded these fabulous photos of our Italian sports hunk. Check ’em out! Ain’t you glad we uploaded these pics?

hot wrestlers in singlets andrea minguzzi

Damn, those well-contoured washboard abs are yummm….my! Want more hunky athletes like Andrea? Go check out our post on German Male Gymnasts.

andrea minguzzi hot wrestler

Another gold medal Olympic wrestler is Artur Taymazov of Uzbekistan. Actually, he has two Olympic gold medals (freestyle wrestling, 120 kg) having won in Beijing, China as well as at the 2004 edition of the Games in Athens, Greece. Because of his successful Olympic exploits, Artur has been honored by his country with a Buyuk Hizmatlari Uchun Order (“For Outstanding Services”). Way to go, Artur!

hot wrestler gold medal artur taymazov

Russians are the winningest athletes when it comes to Olympic wrestling. In fact, the bagged the most gold medals (6 of 14) at the 2008 Beijing Games. One of the Russian winners is Dagestan native Shirvani Muradov who topped the freestyle 96 kg division.

hot wrestlers in singlets shirvani muradov

Another Russian gold medalist in the Beijing Olympic Games is Mavlet Batirov. Like Artur Taymazov, Mavlet’s victory in China is actually his second gold medal because he also won in the 2004 Athens Olymic Games.

The United States is not exactly a “force” in Olympic wrestling but Henry Cejudo bagged a gold for the Americans when he topped the Freestyle 55 kg. Check out his photo below.

hot wrestlers henry cejudo

The French aren’t what you’d also call a wrestling powerhouse but Steeve Guenot has made the other teams take notice of France when he beat all his rivals to bag the Olympic gold medal in Beijing. He is the first Frenchman since the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games to win a gold in Greco-Roman Wrestling.

steve guenot hot wrestlers in singlets

By the way, Steeve has an older brother named Christophe Guenot who also medaled in Beijing, he won a bronze in the Men’s Greco-Roman 74kg division. Last but not the least in our list hot wrestlers in singlets who won Olympic gold medals is Ramazan Şahin from Turkey.

ramazan sahin hot wrestlers in singlets

Ramazan beat his rivals in the 66kg freestyle division during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and so he and went home with the gold medal. In your opinion, who of these guys will repeat their gold-medal winning ways at the 2012 London Games?

Hot Wrestlers in Singlets: Olympic Gold Medal Winners. Originally published 14 April 2009. Updated 20 December 2011