Gerard Butler Kilt, Shirtless Photos, and Leather Bag. If you love Scottish men (who doesn’t?), men in kilt, muscled shirtless hunks, and the King of Six-Pack Abs himself aka Gerard Butler, then this post is for you. Damn, why is Scotland producing more than its fair share of hot men (Exhibit A: Ewan McGregor and these Hot Scottish Men in Kilt)? And they’re pretty damn funny too (Exhibit A: Craig Ferguson).

gerard butler kilt in dressed to kilt

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Richie Gray Shirtless, Girlfriend, Height, and Blond Hair. Who has the best hair in the history of rugby? We gotta give the title to 22-year-old Richie Gray. No one, no one can beat a hair like the one above! Right? So the title of “Player With the Best Hair in the History of Rugby” rightfully belongs to Mr. Gray. But if you know of any rugby athlete who has hair more interesting and with more character than Richie’s do tell us about said player in the comments.

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Guy Berryman Shirtless Photos, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend? So, we came across the photo below when we were doing our earlier post on those Made in Chelsea guys and we thought, “Who is that sexy hottie? And what is he doing shirtless in a car? Is he drunk? Did someone pull off his shirt? Does he have a girlfriend? Why haven’t we seen His Sexy Gorgeousness before?”

Coldplay Bassist Guy Berryman Shirtless

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