Dan Jeannotte hot police uniform - the good witch

Dan Jeannotte Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Wife or Girlfriend, Single or Married? Who is the hot guy in uniform? Is he a real police officer? Should we include him in our list of real sexy hot cops? Well, fellow Famewatcher, his name is Dan Jeannotte. Unfortunately, we cannot include him in said list not because he’s neither sexy nor hot but because he is only playing the role of a police officer. Specifically, he is Police Officer Brandon Russell on the show The Good Witch which you can watch on the Hallmarck Channel.Read More →

navy hottie cadets usna

Navy Hottie of the Day: Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin has everything doesn’t he? He’s really got it all — good looks, great body, reality fame, an A-1 profession, and a Speedo that bulges in the right place. Hehe. Andy must have caught all the gifts from from God when he poured down his blessings from heaven. Either that or our Andy just a hard working good looking guy who got lucky.Read More →