Casey Cott Gay in Real Life? Shirtless Photos and Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Who is the young hot guy in suit in the photo below?

His name, fellow Famewatcher, is Casey Cott. You might not yet know him now but his Hollywood FameMeter is about to blow up because he’s been cast to play the gay Kevin Keller in Riverdale. For those of you not into TV news, Riverdale is the TV adaptation of the much loved comicbook Archie. It will soon be airing on The CW.

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Did you know that, when it comes to “turning on” the opposite gender, a fit well-tailored suit on a man is equivalent to a sexy lingerie on a woman? Go check out Tom Brady rocking his suit and tell us you don’t want to steal him from Gisele Bundchen. Hehehe.

Anyhoo, here’s a list of 12 hot guys wearing suits. You’ll recognize some of these guys — like our imaginary boyfriend James Marsden — because they are famous actors in mainstream entertainment. The others guys may not be household names but they are pretty famous in their genre aka “non-mainstream” entertainment.

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