Black Male Gymnasts. Time for another post on male gymnast hunks. This time, let us check out some black male gymnasts from around the world. We begin with probably the most famous of them all: Louis Smith, British gymnast and reality star. He won a silver medal in the London 2012 Olympics as well as two bronze medal from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

male gymnast underwear - louis smith

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Some common questions that you fellow Famewatchers ask when it comes to the sport of gymnastics go as follows: Do male gymnasts wear underwear when they are competing? What do male gymnasts wear under their leotard? Do Olympic gymnasts wear bras and underwear or not?

Well, thankfully, people from the interwebs gave us the answers which we are detailing below. The short of it is that male gymnasts generally do not wear underwear under their leotards because their outfit are good enough to give them the needed support and protection. If you do want to wear underwear, it should be the kind that is fit and snug, flexible, does not make you uncomfortable, and does not restrict your movements. You might be better off with just your leotard, no?

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