Hot Hollywood Girls: Liv Tyler, Eva Longoria, and Other It Girls

Hot Hollywood Girls: Liv Tyler For Wonderland Magazine. We loved this girl in the Lord of the Rings movies. We continue to love Liv Tyler and hope she’s got some movies coming up so we’ll get to see her again on the big screen.

hot hollywood girls - liv tyler

Photos are courtesy of Wonderland Magazine. Are you surprised when you found out that Liv is the daughter of Steven Tyler? We did not know until Deena told us.

liv tyler photos

WANT MORE HOT HOLLYWOOD GIRLS? Then check out our previous posts on the gorgeous girls of Hollywood which we are re-posting below. How would you compare them to Liv Tyler?

Hot Hollywood Girl of the Day: Eva Longoria
19 January 2009

Go, Gabrielle Solis. Our good friend Kelso has a crush on Eva Longoria for the longest time. And its kinda funny because he, a straight dude, is so into Eva Longoria gossip. But to be fair to him, he calls it “news” rather than gossip.


Casey Carlson: American Idol Bikini Swimsuit
18 January 2009

I’m sure a lot of you guys will love this photo of American Idol’s Casey Carlson modeling a bikini. Check out the rest of Casey Carlson’s sexy bikini pics here. [Note: Sorry we had to delete Casey’s bikini photos because we were asked to. But we are leaving you with this adorable photo of Casey during her American idol audition. She sure is pretty, no?

Want more gorgeous hot Hollywood girls?


Hot Girl of the Day: Caroline Pal aka Michael Phelps Girlfriend
18 January 2009

Who’s that girl in leather dress? Meet Caroline Pal, allegedly Michael Phelp’s girlfriend making her public enemy number one to the millions of girls around the world who want to be the lucky one banging Michael instead.

Lucky you Miss Caroline, but are you really, really Michael’s girlfriend? Can you ask him why he’s reportedly fond of visiting strip clubs and stuff?

hot hollywood girls - caroline pal

Ugh. We hate this tattoo.

Updated from original 9 Feb 2009 post date.