Hot Guys Wet Shirt 2016: Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan

Hot Guys Wet Shirt 2016. Are “let’s shoot you with your wet shirt” photos still a thing? Apparently, it is very much a thing. Why else would Alexander Skarsgard pose in his wet clothes if the concept has been ditched by photographers and magazines.

Not that we are complaining or anything. In fact, we get the appeal of hot guys wet shirt. It intrigues. It calls attention to a man’s muscles and body. It is revealing but not scandalously so. And it wants you to go “there” with your imagination. So, of course wet shirt photos are still a thing. And we are willing to bet a thousand bucks that it will be a thing forever and ever. Are you game?

But let’s get on with the first dude in our list of Hot Guys Wet Shirt in 2016: Alexander Skarsgard, the star of the upcoming movie Tarzan! Alex, his sexy blue eyes, and his wet body-hugging shirt sizzle on the cover of Vanity Fair.

hot guys wet shirt alexander skarsgard - vanity fair italy

Want more male celebrity wet shirts? Hello, Mr. Chest Hair!

alexander skarsgard hot guys wet shirt - vanity fair italy2

Another hot guys wet shirt photo of our Alex. Oh wait, it’s the same as the Vanity Fair cover! Well, but without the distracting text.

alexander skarsgard hot guy wet shirt - vanity fair italy3

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