Guys Locker Room Selfies: 14 Hottest Locker Room Hunks

Hot Guys Locker Room Selfie Photos. What do guys do in the locker room? Well, what do you think they do? They wipe their sweaty selves. Shower. Change clothes. Tease each other and play around during down times. Of course, they also celebrate in the locker room drinking champagne when they win the big one. And, most importantly for you selfie lovers, guys take them some selfies in the locker room. Lots and lots of them.

So we decided to write a post on hot guys locker room selfies. So, fellow Famewatchers, check out these gorgeous dudes selfie-ing in the locker room. We are calling them the Fourteen Hottest Locker Room Hunks and Studs. Because, why not?

Mario Rodriguez. When his Latino hunk from California is not taking selfies, he is busy doing stuff like modeling, acting, club-hosting, and other exciting stuff. Oh, he can be a personal fitness coach too.

hot guys locker room selfie - mario rodriguez

Max Emerson. has this to say about the cutie that is Max: Max Emerson is a model, actor, host and author with nearly a quarter-million followers on Instagram. (You may have also seen him as the featured man candy in Adore Delano‚Äôs music video ‘DTF’.) Now, he can add singer to his resume, as he recently released his first single, ‘Not Enough’, featuring Tom Goss.”

hot guys locker room selfie - max emerson

Rob Gronkowski and Chandler Jones. Who wouldn’t want to party in the locker room with Chandler Jones and The Gronk. [Want more Gronk? Maybe you want to check out our post on NFL Players in Underwear.]

hot guys locker room selfie - nfl - rob gronkowski with chandler jones

Calum Best. Model, actor, and reality TV personality takes a selfie in a gym locker room in Dubai. Do you agree with our friend Kevin that Calum has overdone his tattoos? Like Max above, Calum sure loves him his towel!

hot guys locker room selfies - calum best

The Hot Foursome Studs consisting of Christian Hogue, Austin Scoggin, Braeden Wright, and Trevor Van Uden. The more men in a hot guys locker room selfie, the hotter it gets, no? Who of these models will win the best abs in the world contest?

hot guys locker room selfies - Christian Hogue - Austin Scoggin - Braeden Wright - Trevor Van Uden

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