Guys in Suits & Underwear: Cesc Fabregas and Andrew Flintoff


The worlds of fashion and sports met once again when footballer Cesc Fabregas and cricket star Andrew Flintoff (of the Do the Freddie fame) walked the runway during Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief show.


So did Andrew and Cesc pass the modeling test? We think they did but Cesc should get some tips from Tyra Banks about his facial expression. He is a hot guy no doubt but that nervous goofy smile has to go. Hehe.

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Cesc Fabregas Underwear Photos

Look who wants to strip down to his undies when celebrating? It’s our very own Cesc Fabregas, of course. Ah, the things that alcohol (and football victories) make you do.

Too bad the pics above are of not good enough quality. But here’s a shirtless photo of our Spanish football looking fabulous in his beach shorts. We think he can also be a “beach shorts runway model” aside from being a “men’s suit model”.

By the way, it might interest some of you to know that our Cesc is open to that man-on-man kiss thing. How do we know? Duh! Because of this video of him taking a peck at reported Raul Gomez. Perhaps our Spanish-speaking friends can explain what the kiss was all about.

Update: Here’s a translation of what the Cesc and Raul are supposedly saying. We can’t vouch for its accuracy, okay? B

Raul: How are you feeling?

Cesc: I’m feeling great, very happy and trying to relax and get ready for next season.

Raul: When the ball came all way from´╗┐ other side, and fell to your cute feet (haha) and you passed it to do you describe the moment?

Cesc: Unexplainable!

Raul: Thank you!

Cesc: Thanks!

Raul: Are we gonna kiss?

Cesc: Where?

Raul: Lips…..

So there. Maybe we should include these two in our list of guys making out? Haha!

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Andrew Flintoff Shirtless Photos

We can’t find any underwear photos of our hot English cricketeer but we do have these sexy shirtless photos of him.

What does his tattoos mean? According to the Daily Mail, “Andrew Flintoff’s large England badge design features his Test player number (591) and one-day international number (154).” The same paper reports that Flintoff also “has the name of his wife and children etched on his left shoulder”.

Flintoff shirtless at the beach.

The last photo deserves a “Wowza!”

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