Hot Greek Men as Underwear Models: Greek Fashion Hunks

Hot Greek Men as Underwear Models. Ever wondered what the Greek gods of old will look like when they come down from wherever they are now and start modeling underwear. What a thought? This surely will not happen but we have the next best thing: 8 Greek male models in their underwear. Check ’em out.

Theo Theodoridis. Theo is a stunning model who ruled the runway when he was still active. He is a recipient of some modeling awards (such as The Most Handsome Man on the Planet title and the World Male Model 2004). Unfortunately, according to, he was convicted in 2010 for smuggling cocaine from Colombia and was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

hot greek men as underwear models - theo theodoridis

Says Theo of his sentence: “I guess I will go out of jail after about ten years when I will be 45 years old and I will build a new life. At the age of 45 years it is possible to start over. If I’d received a life sentence I would have been out at the age of 65 when everything would already be over.”

Alexis Papas. This Greek model (of Albanian descent) was the face of the 2009 Davidoff Hot Water advertising campaign. He also modeled for the likes of Cuidate, Contributor, and Calzedonia Uomo. Doesn’t he rock in his Calzedonia Uomo boxer briefs?

greek gods underwear models - alexis papas

Georgios Parashos rocks his underwear photoshoot in these images from Attitude Magazine. Like us, the gay mag couldn’t resist this Greek hunk’s charms so they had him as cover boy for a Summer Style issue.  Want more hot Greek men as underwear models? Go check out our earlier post on Sakis Rouvas.

hot greek men as underwear models - George Parashos2

Kostas Martakis is looking great in his wet undershirt. Though he does some modeling, Kostas is known more as more as a singer and reality TV star.

hot greek gods as underwear models - Kostas Martakis in tank top shirt

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