Hot Ginger Men: Celebrity Hunks, Red Headed Male Models, Jock Athletes

Hot Ginger Men: Celebrity Hunks, Red Headed Male Models, Jock Athletes. Do you love red-headed hunks? Then you will love this post on famous gingers in Hollywood, the modeling world, and the world of sports. Oh and we have random hot ginger guys too like the unnamed Calvin Klein underwear model dude like this guy.

ginger male underwear model

Did you know that German hunk Michael Fassbender is a natural ginger?

michael fassbender hair color

Here’s what he said in an interview with Jason Flemying about dodgy reviews and his natural hair color: “My natural hair color is red, so I’m used to dodgy reviews! It’s hard to make a mark in these movies, there are so many characters, but I think the bits I’ve got come across pretty well!” See Michael Fassbender in Underwear.

Another actor who is a natural redhead is Emmy Award winning actor Damien Lewis, star of the critically acclaimed drama, Homeland.

hot ginger men damien lewis hair color

Of course, there can’t be a list of hot ginger men without Benedict Cumberbatch:

benedict cumberbatch - redhead ginger hair

Or the fun-loving Prince Harry, star of the most recent scandals involving the House of Windsor:

hot ginger men prince harry

and Scottish hunk Kevin McKidd of Grey’s Anatomy:

kevin mckidd ginger hair

We should also add English actor Simon Woods to our hot ginger men list. You may know him as Gaius Octavian in the HBO series, Rome, or as Mr. Charles Bingley in 2005 Pride & Prejudice.

simon woods hair color - celebrity red head

Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki in the movie version of Thor) is also a ginger.

tom hiddlestone hair color - celebrity red head

There are other ginger actors like Eddie Redmayne and Rupert Grint but we’ve already blogged about them elsewhere in this site so we’re not gonna upload their pics again. Haha. You can see we are getting lazy as the weather gets hotter.

Check out ginger male models and athletes after the jump.