Hot Farmers Calendar Hunks: Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Hot Farmers Calendar Hunks. It’s time for another post on shirtless hot farmers. As in the past, these hotties are brought to you by the good people of which, annually, comes out with calendars featuring farmer hunks from the Swiss Alps. However, this particular edition is controversial after it was discovered that some of the guys are not real farmers but are actually male models posing in farms.
has some details on the controversy:

Half the men who posed for the 2014 Schweizer Bauernkalendar, wearing nothing but their underpants, were not farmers and some were not even from Switzerland, 20 Minuten newspaper revealed this week. “Suddenly, the farmers have no chest hair, are clean-shaven and the ‘farmers’ look as if they had been photographed for a glossy magazine,” the newspaper said.

The revelation was not greeted kindly by the media partner for the calendar, the Schweizer Bauer (Swiss Farmer) magazine.

“Of course we wish we had 12 genuine farmers in the calendar,” the newspaper’s director Pamela Fehrenbach told 20 Minuten. “We clearly distance ourselves from this product,” chimed in Sandra Helfenstein, spokeswoman for the Swiss Farmers’ Association.

Nathalie Rehak Schweizer Bauernkalendar representative, said it wasn’t the case that Switzerland did not have enough handsome farmers. “Not at all,” Rehak told 20 Minuten. We only want to develop new directions and stay tuned to the market.”

So which of these guys are trueblue farmers and which of them are models? Well, according to thelocal, the guys in their underwear are models while the rest are real farming hunks.

Anyhoo, farmers or not, there’s no denying that these guys are gorgeous hotties.

Shirtless hot farmer and his sturdy donkey. [Want more Swiss hunks? Go check out football star Fabian Schar.]

hot farmers - shirtless - swiss calendar

Awww. Don’t you love guys who love them their farm animals?

hot farmers - shirtless and sexy

Look at this farmer’s washboard abs! We love it! We also love the “crowns” his horses are wearing.

hot farmers - swiss - damian

Now, this is one of them “models as hot farmers”. Does he remind you of Adam in the garden of Eden?

hot farmers - underwear - bauernkalender dot ch

Can you tell us what this guy is doing? Is he about to crush those grapes to make wine or what?

hot farmers as underwear models - calendar photos

Well, hello there Mr. I’m Going to Pick Tomatoes Wearing Nothing But My Tomato-Red Briefs!

More hot farmers as model and models as farmers after the jump.