Hayden Christensen Jeans and Suit Fashion Style

Hayden Christensen Shirtless Canadian Hottie. Hayden Christensen tops the list of Ten Hot Canadian Men compiled by the peeps of Elle Magazine Canada. We agree, of course, that he is hot so we went looking for some shirtless photo of Hayden.

But first, here’s what Elle Magazine says on what made them put the Hollywood actor at the top of their list.

Elle Mag on Hayden as Top Hot Canadian: “This hottie from Vancouver first won hearts as a young, dashing Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars. Since then, he’s starred as a geeky (but still cute), deceitful journalist in Shattered Glass and a sexy Bob Dylan-alike musician in the movie Factory Girl (including a steamy sex scene with Sienna Miller). He’s been spotted around town with former OC star Rachel Bilson, but by all accounts this hot Canadian bachelor is still up for grabs.”

Now, here are some hot Hayden Christensen shirtless pics:

hayden christensen body virgin territory

hayden christensen hot

Hey Hayden, what about you just go ahead and shower and stop wasting water? Hehe.

hayden christensen shirtless body

hayden christensen shirtless

He looks grimy and all but he looks hot nonetheless.

hayden christensen topless

So those are the Hayden Christensen shirtless photos we have for now. But we will update this post once we come across more. For the time being, check out our Hayden with partner Rachel Bilson.

hayden christensen girlfriend rachel bilson


Hayden Christensen Fashion Style: Jeans and Suit
27 November 2011

What brand of jeans does our Star Wars actor like to wear? Let’s check it out, shall we? Here’s the tall Canadian hunk, wearing a pair of Levis Capital E Hesher Bootcut Jeans, as he dwarfs over girlfriend Rachel Bilson. Looks like he’s at least 2 feet taller than Rachel, no? See more Celebrities in Levis Hesher Jeans.

hayden christensen levis jeans

Another photo of Hayden Christensen wearing Levis jeans. That pair of boots he’s wearing is from What Goes Around Comes Around. We earlier wrote about the interesting label that is “What Goes” in our post on Vintage Leather Jackets.

hayden christensen fashion jeans

Hayden in Paige Premium jeans and a pair of Creative Recreation shoes.

hayden christensen jeans

Hayden in Polo Ralph Lauren jeans and Levis shirt.

hayden christensen fashion style jeans

Of course, Anakin Skywalker isn’t only about jeans and casual wear. He can also look fab in formal wear like this men’s suit from the John Varvatos Menswear Collection (tie is by Paul Smith).

hayden christensen suit by john varvatos

Hayden Christensen Shirtless, Jeans, and Fashion Style. Posted 26 April 2009. Updated 20 May 2017.