Hayden Christensen Jeans and Suit Fashion Style

What brand of jeans does our Star Wars actor like to wear? Let’s check it out, shall we? Here’s the tall Canadian hunk, wearing a pair of Levis Capital E Hesher Bootcut Jeans, as he dwarfs over girlfriend Rachel Bilson. Looks like he’s at least 2 feet taller than Rachel, no? [See more Celebrities in Levis Hesher Jeans.]

Another photo of Hayden Christensen wearing Levis jeans. That pair of boots he’s wearing is from What Goes Around Comes Around. We earlier wrote about the interesting label that is “What Goes” in our post on Vintage Leather Jackets.
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Brendan Fraser Shirtless and Underwear Photos

brendan fraser shirtless - george of the jungle

Hey look it’s Brendan Fraser. This is from when he was doing George of the Jungle right? We think so. So its kinda like a vintage but not really vintage photograph. Hehe. Time really moves fast in the internet age, no? Our favorite Brendan Fraser shirtless photo. He has what our friend Luka calls the “most winsome smile in Hollywood”. We agree with Luka, of course!
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