Harley Bonner Shirtless, Underwear, Nike Jammer Swimsuit Photos

Who’s the shirtless cute guy texting on the couch in the photo above? That cutie, fellow Famewatcher, is Australian soap actor Harley Bonner. He plays Josh Willis, an elite swimmer, on the long-running Australian show, Neighbours which is notable for producing global superstars such as Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie Minogue, and the super-talented but underrated actor that is Guy Pearce.

harley bonner sexy - no shirt

Harley Bonner Shirtless Photos: But let’s get back to Harley because we know you want more of him. He looks gorgeous with no shirt so let’s check out his shirtless pics, shall we?

Here’s our twenty-something hunk wearing a Nike Jammer swimsuit.

harley bonner speedo - nike jammer swimsuit

He made the pages of Aussie magazine, Famous.

harley bonner washboard abs

With Neighbours co-star Taylor Glockner. Shirtless bromance, baby! A little bit gay but maybe we’re just being old-fashioned and not in touch with what young people are into these days. OMG. We are now the cranky old neighbor! Haha.

harley bonner shirtless with Taylor Glockner