best male celebrity hairstyle - olyphant

Well, it turns out that the hunk of a man is named Timothy Olyphant. He’s been acting since forever but it’s only now that our paths crossed. Better late than never, eh Timmy? Anyhoo, because we wanted to know more about him, we googled The Internets and discovered his fabulous photos.Read More →

best male redhead hairstyle- joe kennedy with jason collins

Best Male Redhead Hairtstyles on Famous Male Ginger Celebrities. Are you a ginger-haired dude who’s looking for a hairstyle inspiration to follow? Well, let’s have a compilation of the different hair cuts which famous red-haired men and boys have sported over the years. First up is movie director Ron Howard. Did you know that he started his career as a child actor? How cute is he with his long hair?Read More →