Hot Bald Girls List: 10 Female Celebrities Who Rock Their Hairless Look

Hot Bald Girls: Celebrities, Actresses, and Female Models. We can’t blog about bald male celebrities without blogging about their female counterparts, right? Here are 10 famous girls who’ve gone bald for a role, as a part of their cancer treatment, or because they’re like our friend Deena who’s bald by choice because she believes that […]
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Redhead Hairstyles: From Boys to Men – Ginger Celebrity Hair Cuts

best male redhead hairstyle- joe kennedy with jason collins

Best Male Redhead Hairtstyles on Famous Male Ginger Celebrities. Are you a ginger-haired dude who’s looking for a hairstyle inspiration to follow? Well, let’s have a compilation of the different hair cuts which famous red-haired men and boys have sported over the years. First up is movie director Ron Howard. Did you know that he started his career as a child actor? How cute is he with his long hair?
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