Best Male Redhead Hairstyles As Seen on Famous Male Ginger Celebrities. Are you a ginger-haired dude who’s looking for a hairstyle inspiration to follow? Well, let’s have a compilation of the different hair cuts which famous red-haired men and boys have sported over the years. First up is movie director Ron Howard. Did you know that he started his career as a child actor? How cute is he with his long hair?

ron howard as young child actor

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Is Ron Corning Gay? Is Ron Corning, co-anchor of WFAA’s Daybreak, gay or straight? He is as gay as Anderson Cooper! And, apparently, he’s been more public about his gayness than the CNN silverfox.

How do we know this? Because Shelly of Ask Shelly on confirmed Ron’s “out of the closetness” in 2011, a year earlier than Anderson’s coming out in 2012. Anyhoo, here’s Shelly answering a question about Ron: Continue reading “Ron Corning Gay or Straight? Boyfriend Anthony Wilkinson”