Hair Transplant for Young Men: Is it Good or Bad?

Hair Transplant For Young Men Under 30s — Is It Good or Bad: The discovery that he is beginning to bald is never good news for any man. And for men in their teens or early twenties, the news can be simply devastating.

Balding can be a crushing experience when it comes at a time of life that a man’s priorities are dating, or when he is just making his way in life. Young men who begin to go bald thus they feel isolated and less able to compete for these goals.

Hair loss in men under 30 can be socially disabling—and can even jeopardize men’s chances of making their way in the world: Sociological studies done in Europe show a bias against hiring balding men in favor of equally qualified job applicants who were not balding.

It’s no wonder that many men under 30 who find their hair beginning to thin panic—and rush to see a hair transplant doctor.

If you are one of these men, hold your horses, as one of the United Kingdom’s leading hair transplant surgeons has warned that hair transplants do not fix the problem.

Hair Transplant for Young Men is No Easy Fix. Worse, hair transplant for young men may even worsen the balding. Young men shouldn’t have operations as soon as they start losing hair, said Dr. Bessan Farjo. They should avoid surgery until they are closer to the age of 30.

Men who get surgery too young will soon look worse than they did in the first place, he warned.

“If you have the surgery too early and you go bald, you don’t have enough hair to keep chasing the hair loss,” Dr. Fargo told Newsbeat, a program of BBC Radio.

“You can end up with isolated patches of hair. You could end up with hairy temples and a bald forehead which isn’t pretty and is also hard to fix,” he said.

Thirteen other hair transplant surgeons interviewed by Newsbeat also said they agreed with Dr. Farjo and would be reluctant to operate on men under 25.

Dr. Farjo made warning in September, a few months after the publicity of celebrities getting hair transplants caused a rise in the popularity of these procedures in the U.K.

In June, 25-year old British footballer Wayne Rooney, who began balding in his 20s, had a hair transplant.

“When a celebrity comes out with it, you only hear the good things,” the hair surgeon said. “You don’t hear the cautions or the potential complications.”

Some clinics are not doing enough to warn under-30s about the long-term risks, he lamented.


ORIGINAL POST: Brendan Fraser Hair Transplant
Posted 21 August 2009

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Huh, you think only older men like Silvio Berlusconi and James Nesbitt need hair transplants? Nope, some young men need it too. Take for instance, hot Canadian actor Brendan Fraser. He’s only in his thirties (?) but, if the above pictures are true, it seems like he had some work done to restore his crowning glory. Can’t say we blame him, if you have hot abs like he has, you must complete the package by having hot hair too.

But should young men be undergoing hair transplants?