Michael Stipe Thomas Dozol: Shirtless Boyfriends iPhone Photos. Okay, these photos are from a website called guyswithiphones where guys with iPhones can upload photos of themselves and their iPhones. Is that cool or what? Anyways, these two photos appear to be REM lead vocalist Michael Stipe’s and his boyfriend Thomas Dozol.

Michael Stipe Thomas Dozol Shirtless Boyfriends iPhone Photos

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yoshi sudarso underwear beachwear

Yoshi Sudarso Power Rangers: The Power Rangers of your childhood is making a comeback in Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Dino Charge. One of the stars of the show is the hunky Asian guy above, Yoshi Sudarso, who will play the role of Blue Ranger, Koda. Here’s Yoshi in his Power Rangers outfit with co-star Brennan Mejia who will play Lucas the Red Ranger.

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jake miller body sexy singer

Who will be the next big star in the world of music this coming 2015? If you agree with Fox Weekly, and we find to reason to disagree with them, the #1 up-and-coming star is Jake Miller. If you’re like, “Who is this Jake Miller that Fox speaks of?”, then you gotta read on because here are some things we found out about him:

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