Who will be the next big star in the world of music this coming 2015? If you agree with Fox Weekly, and we find to reason to disagree with them, the #1 up-and-coming star is Jake Miller. If you’re like, “Who is this Jake Miller that Fox speaks of?”, then you gotta read on because here are some things we found out about him: 1. He’s a singer with a face and a body of a model. Seriously, look at him! Our friends Deena (a 40-something straight woman) and Kevin (a 20-something fabulous gay guy) are going “Hubba, hubba” when they saw this Jake MillerRead More →


JOSH HENDERSON UNDERWEAR. Dallas would not be complete if there are no underwear scenes featuring our Texan hunk (did you know that he actually does come from Dallas?) and, wisely, the producers usually have Josh (or JR III) walk around in his undies.Read More →