Alessandro Borghi Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Photos

Alessandro Borghi Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Photos. Who is the really cute well-dressed guy wearing a turtleneck with his suit? His name, fellow Famewatcher, is Alessandro Borghi. He is a famous actor in Italy but the world is now discovering him because of the Netflix show Suburra: Blood on Rome where he plays one of the lead characters. The show has been earning raves from critics around the world. Hopefully, this means that Netflix will be renewing it for more seasons.

Alessandro Borghi gay fashion style gucci2

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Celebrities Wearing Gucci Leather Jackets

Celebrities Wearing Gucci Leather Jackets. So aside from Cristiano Ronaldo and Zac Efron, are there other male celebrities out there who love them their Gucci leather jackets? The answer, not surprisingly is Yes, Yes, and many more Yeses! Before we give you the names of some famous celebs wearing Gucci leather, you might first want to check out Cristiano Ronaldo’s Gucci Leather Jackets as well as Zac Efron’s leather jacket.

Now that you’ve seen what Cristiano and Zac are wearing, here are other celebs who belong to the “Gucci club”.

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