Grant Bowler Underwear, Shirtless Daddy, and Speedo Photos

Grant Bowler Underwear, Shirtless Daddy, and Speedo Photos. Kiwi/Aussie/Hollywood actor Grant Bowler of Ugly Betty fame does a “Daniel Craig rising from the sea in his tight Speedo swim trunks act” during one of the Ugly Betty episodes. He sure resembles Daniel in manliness and hunkiness, no?

grant bowler underwear speedo

Sadly, these are the only “underwear” photos of Grant so those of you who are wondering whether he wears boxers or briefs (or maybe nothing at all underneath his trousers) will have to wait til we find the answer. Patience, dear fellow Famewatcher.

Grant Bowler underwear

Grant Bowler shirtless

Grant Bowler shirtless body

Our favorite Grant Bowler shirtless photo.

Grant Bowler shirtless body

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Update: Grant Bowler Gay Bromance in True Blood? Our Grant has apparently been cast as a werewolf in one of the hottest television hits these days, HBO’s True Blood.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine, he talked about his audition for the TV hit and his bromance with Stephen Moyer: “When you get an audition scene where you’ve got a silver chain wrapped around Bill Compton’s neck and you’re feeding off him and howling, you kinda go, I think I’m a werewolf addicted to V. That was a love scene.”

He adds: “It took all day to shoot, and Stephen Moyer and I laughed so hard in the back of the car – we were almost blowing takes, we were giggling so much — that we actually fell in love. We’re having a bromance.”

Grant and Stephen sitting on a tree. It’s a bloody bromance, no?

grant bowler gay

Speaking of Stephen, you should go check out this post on Stephen Moyer’s Underwear.

Aside from landing a gig with True Blood, Grant has been named as the host of The Amazing Race Australia. Here’s our hunky daddy as a television host.

grant bowler amazing race hunk

Grant has also been cast in the movie version of Atlas Shrugged but it’s not something we look forward to seeing given how its producers are gonna use it as a rightist propaganda material.

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