Graham Rogers Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Graham Rogers Shirtless and Underwear Photos. You didn’t think we’d blog about Revolution star Billy Burke [see Billy Burke Shirtless], without blogging about the gorgeous guy who plays his nephew, didn’t you? Famewatchers, meet Graham Rogers, one of the prettiest young guys on today’s small screen.

graham rogers shirtless as danny matheson in revolution - sexy hunk

Graham plays Danny Matheson on the NBC sci-fi drama series, Revolution, which is his biggest and most prominent role to date.

In 2013, Graham also starred in the romantic comedy, Crazy Kind of Love, opposite Amanda Crew. Here are some still images from said movie (photo credit: Vision Films) where our beautiful Graham is seen wearing nothing but his boxers underwear.

graham rogers boxers underwear - crazy kind of love movie3

So that’s our first Graham Rogers shirtless photo. Here’s another one where he shares his bed with Amanda Crew.

graham rogers shirtless in bed with amanda crew

Crazy Kind of Love isn’t the first movie where our 23-year-old cutie stripped to his underwear. He first dropped trou in the movie, 1313: Haunted Frat. Here’s a still from said movie.

graham rogers briefs underwear - haunted frat

A video version of a Graham Rogers shirtless and in underwear is after the jump.

If you’ve never heard of Haunted Frat before, its because it went direct to DVD and was not theatrically released which is unfortunate for those of you who are fans of college hunks walking around the house in their skimpy white briefs.

Still, here’s a Youtube video which gives you a glimpse of said movie.

Is the movie any good? Not of you believe this reviewer on who gave it a scathing review:

1313: Haunted Frat is another David Decoteau peck fest. All the male actors in the film are shirtless at some point, and most of them are seen in their underwear or in the shower. And that’s where the good news ends. This is definitely not one of Decoteau’s best. The first fifteen minutes consists of a guy in his underwear walking slowly throughout a house. Very slowly. Glacially slow. And the film only runs 75 minutes, and still is too long just because of that opening 15 minutes that bored me to tears. And the ending is so abrupt that I said “Huh” when it was over. I was thinking that I had missed something, so I rewound it a bit. But no. That was how Haunted Frat ended, rendering the whole movie pointless. Well, of course expect for the pecks.

So there. Anyhoo, let’s end this post with this photo of Graham Rogers looking like a Twilight vampire, pale skin and all.

Question: Is he naturally smooth like that? This must be what “smooth as a baby” means, no?