Gotham Leather Jackets: James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Catwoman

Gotham Leather Jackets: Who among your favorite comic heroes will look good rocking their leather jackets in Gotham, the upcoming TV series expected to premier on Fox towards the end of the year. It looks like Detective Harvey Bullock (to be played by Irish Canadian actor Donal Logue) will be the first to wear a leather jacket.

Harvey Bullock leather jacket on gotham

If that ain’t a definition of a badass we don’t know what is? Let’s take a closer look at Harvey Bullock’s leather jacket.

Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock - gotham leather jacket

Grizzled Detective Harvey and his rookie partner, Detective James Gordon (played by Benjamin McKenzie).

gotham leather jackets - donal logue

When will Gordon get his leather jacket? We’re pretty sure he will have one eventually. Meantime here’s Ben McKenzie looking good in a moto leather jacket.

ben mckenzie leather jacket

So far, another character spotted wearing a leather jacket is Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) played by 15-year-old actress Camren Bicondova.

gotham leather jackets 2014 - Selina Kyle - punk teenaged Catwoman played by Camren Bicondova