Givenchy Leather Jacket For Men

Givenchy Leather Jacket For Men: Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter Style. Want more Givenchy leather jacket for men? Well, we decided to do an overview of the leather jackets released by Givenchy over time. While ogling at these leather jackets, its clear (to us Famewatchers at least) that men’s leather jackets is not really Givenchy’s forte. Sure, they look “okay” but there’s no outfit that so impressed us it made us go, “Wow. Must. Buy. That. Leather. Jacket. ASAP!”. In contrast, we are usually wowed when we see Belstaff leather jackets.

But that’s us. Maybe some of you love these Givenchy leather jackets enough to buy them? Here’s one one from the label’s latest Spring/Summer Menswear Collection. On second thought, this one is actually pretty good. Are we gonna eat the things we said about Givenchy?

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