Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery. Did supermodel Gisele Bundchen (aka Mrs. Tom Brady) undergo plastic surgery? Well, The Daily Mail alleges that she did.

According to the British tabloid, the Brazilian beauty checked into a famous plastic surgery clinic with her younger sister Rafaela. The report states that Gisele and Rafaela disguised themselves as Muslim women wearing burqas to evade the paparazzi.

Unfortunately for the girls, the French papz still somehow managed to get word of Gisele’s plastic surgery plans so they managed to get photos of the burqa-concealed Gisele going to the clinic for plastic surgery. For those of you wondering about Gisele’s clinic and who would want to patronize the clinic yourself, the name of the clinic is International Clinique du Parc Monceau.

According to the Mail, Gisele paid about $11,000 for her plastic surgery procedure.

But what cosmetic surgery procedure did Gisele undergo exactly? Well, according to the New York Post, she had a boob job: “A source said she was concerned that her breasts had sagged after having two children — and the surgery was a 35th-birthday and post-retirement present to herself.”

Wait, whaaat??? We didn’t know Gisele retired? Apparently, she announced her retirement via Instagram last April. Here’s what she posted: “I am grateful that at 14, I was given the opportunity to start this journey. Today after 20 years in the industry, it is a privilege to be doing my last fashion show by choice and yet still be working in other facets of the business. #firstrunway #14yearsold.”

She also did an interview with a Brazilian publication and had this to add about her decision to retire: “I don’t see how to continue and stopping will leave room for other projects I have for myself. Automatically my body tells me if what I do is worth it, and it asked to stop. I respect my body, it’s a privilege to be able to stop.”

What other projects would she be doing in the future? For us here at Famewatcher, it would be cool to see Gisele be a guest host for America’s Next Top Model for at least one season/cycle. What about it Tyra? You should rest for one season and have Gisele host ANTM?