Girls Skinny Jeans 2013. Who in Hollywood is rocking her skinny jeans in 2013? We rounded up 10 female celebrities who were seen in their designer skinny jeans. Who of these famous girls is wearing your favorite denim outfit?

1. Kate Beckinsale. Last January, this talented Oxford-educated model-turned-actress from England was spotted wearing this Italian-made R13 Relaxed Skinny Jeans (98% cotton, 2% elastane) while walking on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood.

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Looking for girls in skinny jeans? Here’s Victoria “Posh” Beckham in her fading black skinny jeans. Aside from her trousers, what’s remarkable in these photos is actually the many faces of Victoria. Sure, she’s got a wrinkle-free face (which indicates use of the Botox or Botox alternative, Rodial’s Glamoxy snake serum), but we gotta give her credit for giving us these different “looks”. First of all, here’s the “I’m gonna cover my face from your camera” look.


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