Hudson Jeans For Girls: Celebrity Style Edition

hudson jeans for girls sofia vergara

Hudson Jeans For Girls: Celebrity Style Edition Today in female celebrity jeans, we bring you five famous girls who love them their Hudson Jeans. If you are a fan of Hudson Jeans, then consider these girls as your brand sisters. First in our list of famous female celebrities spotted rocking their Hudson Jeans for girls is Modern Family star Sofia Vergara who, if we remember correctly, is the highest paid female television star.
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Best Red Pants for Women: List of Top Celebrity Brand Picks

best red pants for women - katie holmes

Best Red Pants for Women: The Kates. The Kates sure love them their brightly colored red pants don’t they? For instance, here’s Katie Holmes wearing her skin tight red pants (denim jeans?) during a shopping trip.

And then here’s Kate Beckinsale in her red walking pants. Kate appears to be some kind of a multi-tasker isn’t she? She’s answering her phone while jogging? Or is he running? Nah, she’s a classy girl so she’s doing neither. She is, instead, brisk-walking.
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Celebrity Paige Premium Jeans: Isla Fisher & Blake Lively


Gossip Girls’ Blake Lively deserves props from us for carrying her own water bottle. But we deduct fashion points from her for wearing a frumpy shirt that makes her look matronly or, in the words of our good friend Deena, like a nursing mom who just fed her baby. Seriously Blake? You give us this frumpiness after your really cool green leather jacket? Did your stylist go on a holiday?
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