Hot Military Girls in Uniform: Beauty Queen Jill Stevens

Hot Military Girls in Uniform: Beauty Queen Jill Stevens. Turns out that British gal Katrina “Combat Barbie” Hodge isn’t the only female soldier who can rightly boast that she is also a beauty queen. Famewatchers, meet Sgt. Jill Stevens aka GI Jill, a combat medic with the Utah National Guard who served in Afghanistan and who was crowned as Miss Utah 2007. She represented her state in the Miss America pageant.

hot military girls in uniform jill stevens

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Katrina Hodge: Underwear Model is a British Soldier


Now, now, don’t say naughty things about Katrina Hodge because she can kick your butt. Seriously, she’s a corporal in the British Army so she can kick your behind. She’s not called Combat Barbie (emphasis on combat) for nothing, you know.

Anyhoo, Katrina participated in the controversial Miss England contest where she reportedly impressed the judges with her rifle drill performance, a first in the history of beauty contests. She ended up as the Miss England second runner-up and caught the interest of La Senza who chose her to front its latest underwear campaign.

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