German Leather Jacket: Camp David Menswear

German Leather Jacket: Camp David Menswear. There is more to fashionable leather jacket for men than Belstaff. Admittedly, Belstaff makes probably the best leather jackets out there but shouldn’t we also look at what’s coming from other countries? Like, for instance, these Camp David leather jackets which are fabulous, fabulous, and fabulous?

german leather jacket for men

So it’s no wonder that German celebrities, like Mathis Landwehr and Dominic Boeer, love them their Camp David leather jackets. Who is Mathis and who is Dominic, you ask?

Mathis is the guy in the first picture above? He is a 31-year-old German actor who’s also into gymnastics (when he was a kid) and martial arts such as taekwondo, muay thai, and capoeira.

Dominic, on the other hand, is the leather-wearing dude in the next pic below. He’s also an actor who began acting when he was only eight years old. If you are an American who don’t like George W. Bush and his disastrous administration, you might want to lay part of the blame to Dominic. Hehe.

Why would you do that? Because according to his wikipedia page (as translated by Google Translate), which may or may not be accurate, Dominic “in 2004 he assisted in the U.S. elections the Texan George W. Bush”. So let’s all blame Dominic for giving us the bad Bush years, shall we. Hehe.

german leather jacket for men by camp david

Whoa! Who’s hotter? The hunky dude below or his brown leather jacket? Can we say they are equally hot. Hehe. In fact, they’re both so hot we’d like to bring him home to mama.

camp david leather jacket

Now, we don’t know this third guy but we think he’s hotter than his leather jacket which, as we mentioned, is also pretty hot. By the way, our friend Deena insists this model looks like Ryan Reynolds. We don’t see the resemblance at all but maybe you do.

German Leather Jacket: Camp David Menswear Celebrity Fans. Posted 5 December 2010. Updated 27 May 2017.