Camp David Mens Jackets: German Menswear Fashion

Camp David Mens Jackets: German Menswear Fashion. If you liked the Camp David denim jeans and the Camp David leather jackets, we’re pretty sure you’ll also like these fab jackets from the same German fashion label.

camp david mens jackets red jacket
Which of these do you like better? The red jacket above or the light blue one below? We must say that we are liking them both. In the past, we mistakenly thought that no men in their right mind would buy a bright colored jacket like the one above. It’s just too bright, we thought, and men don’t really go for bright colors.

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Martin Kaymer Shirtless? Gay or Girlfriend? Married or Single?

Martin Kaymer Shirtless Update (22 May 2017). Our search for a Martin Kaymer shirtless photo is still a quest. It is now a five year obsession. But we are not the only ones crazy about it because lots of you, fellow Famewatchers, are googling for some Kaymer shirtlessness too. Hehe.

Anyhoo, these are the closest thing of a shirtless pic we found of our German golfing champion. Our friend Kevin calls these the Martin Kaymer nearly shirtless photos:

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