How do you revive a reality show with flagging ratings? How about casting an adult film star and bringing her back to the Big Brother House after she was booted out. This is exactly what the producers of the German Big Brother did when they cast adult film Annina Ucatis and when they roped her back to the House so she can have sex with another housemate. Sleazy. But its reportedly (and not unexpectedly) a ratings boost too. Says a show insider: “We saw it as a missed opportunity when Annina was in the house as they were always playing around and would be justRead More →

Ugh. Wolfgang Joop should shut up his mouth. It’s very rude of him to say this: “She is no runway model! Heidi Klum is simply too heavy and has too big a bust. And she always grins so stupidly. That is not avant-garde – that is commercial!” In this day and age do we really need so-called fashion “experts” to tell us who is and who is not a supermodel? Let the fashion market decide. Obviously the market decided that Heidi IS a supermodel whether Wolfgang likes it or not. And obviously, Wolfgang is threatened by the fact that elitist fashion gatekeepers like him areRead More →