Gay Male Dancers List: Best and Hottest Dancing Gay Guys

Gay Male Dancers List: The Hottest Dancing Hunks. One of you, fellow Famewatchers, asked us to do a post on gay male dancers so we assigned the task to Deena. She came up with this list of 9 Hot Dancing Hunks Who Happen To Be Gay!

So, let’s begin Deena’s list with our first imaginary dancer boyfriend. He, as some of you may recall, is Mark Kanemura. He was not out while competing on So You Think You Can Dance but he did come out afterwards. Here’s a hawt, hawt, hawt Mark taking a shower.

gay male dancers - mark kanemura - so you think you can dance

Next in our list of hot gay male dancers is Jeremy Hudson. He has several acting credits to his name but his popularity soared when he appeared in several Lady Gaga music videos such as Telephone, Alejandro, Born This Way, and Marry the Night.


Incidentally, it is worth noting that Jeremy Hudson and Mark Kanemura are boyfriends to each other. Here’s a picture of the couple. [Update: We don’t know if they are still dating.]


The third guy in Deena’s List is Jaymes Vaughan. You may remember him as the gay Chippendales dancer who competed on The Amazing Race. He and fellow Chippendales, James Davis, made it all way to the finale but eventually placed second.


Like Mark, Blake McGrath became famous in the dance world when he joined So You Think You Can Dance.

gay male dancers blake mcgrath

Since 2013, Blake has been in a relationship with fellow dancer Joseph “Jojo” Guadagno. Deena says Jojo has the best looking hair in the dance world. Do you agree?


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