Jonathan Bennett Boyfriend Jaymes Vaughn

Jonathan Bennett Boyfriend Jaymes Vaughn. Oh my, two of our imaginary celebrity boyfriends have ended up as boyfriends to each other. We are referring, of course, to actor Jonathan Bennett and Amazing Race star turned TV host Jaymes Vaughn. We are very very happy for them. And we are keeping our fingers crossed that wedding bells will be ringing for these two lovebirds. They really look good together, don’t they?

jonathan bennett boyfriend jaymes vaughan

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Gay Tennis Players: Professional and College Level

Gay Tennis Players: Professional and College Level. From gay baseball players, let’s now check out some professional and college gay tennis players. Like in baseball, there’s really not a lot of names in this list but it’s not totally zero either. This list only includes those who are male tennis players but we will be making a list for women in the future.

Bill Tilden. He is one of the most successful men to play tennis having won 10 Grand Slam titles and ranked as the World No. 1 tennis player for six years from 1920 through 1925.

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