Did you know that G-Star makes underwear? We didn’t! We thought the Dutch label is all about denim jeans and denim jackets until we came across the above photo of a male model wearing a pair of white G-Star boxers underwear. By the way, we must admit that we initially thought that the hunky guy is The Hangover actor Justin Bartha. We’re like, “Wow. Justin Bartha is modeling underwear. How nice!” However, our friend Kevin, who knows more about male models than us, pointed out that the hunk is actually Ryan Bertroche, an American model who headlined advertising campaigns for the likes of Banana Republic,Read More →

Justin Bieber Really Loves Him His G-Star Jeans
29 August 2011

Hey, we came across more photos of the singing Supertot that is Justin Bieber wearing other kinds of G-Star jeans. Let’s check ’em out, shall we.

First, here’s the Never Say Never star performing in a pair of G-Star Blade Slim Fit Jeans. Obviously, this is the “slim” version as opposed to the “loose” version you see in our original post.

Look who’s wearing a pair of G-Star Blade Loose jeans? It’s internet-turned-mainstream sensation Justin Bieber. He is probably the biggest celebrity on earth who really, really loves him his G-Star clothes. Photos of Justin in his G-Star jeans below. More…Read More →

Celebrities Who Wear G-Star Jackets: Who among your favorite female stars were spotted in a jacket by G-Star? Well, here’s the gorgeous Liv Tyler rocking her G-Star Kubrick Rock Jacket. Last year, the Lord of the Rings star was hired by G-Star to headline their advertising campaign.

Fabulous jackets for girls from the G Star Spring 2011 collection as modeled during the recently concluded New York Fashion Week. What do you think of these outfits? Do they suit your sense of what’s chic and fashionable? Or do you think they’re nothing remarkable and nothing to write home about? More…Read More →