Footballers in Speedos: Ten Soccer Hunks in Swimtrunks

Footballers in Speedos. Not surprisingly, Portugal football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only footballer out there who loves him his Speedo swimtrunks (see Cristiano Ronaldo in Speedo). Here are ten other football players — three Italians, three Spaniards, one French, one English, one Brazilian, and one Chilean — who were spotted rocking their Speedos or budgie smugglers (if you are from the Land Down Under).

chilean footballers in speedos - Marcelo Perez

1. Marcelo Perez (Chile). Oops, apparently, Marcelo is not yet a football pro but a college player currently with the Universidad Catolica Santiago. This 20-year-old cutie is an offensive midfielder.

english players wearing speedos - kevin keegan

2. Kevin Keegan (England). Kevin from back in the 70s-80s. He went on to become a football manager for Newcastle, Fulham, Manchester City, Newcastle United, and the England national team.

football hunks in speedo - neymar - brazil

3. Neymar (Brazil). Brazilian cutie Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior started playing in the pro level only four years ago but he is now one of the game’s global superstars. Check him out modeling Lupo Underwear. What do you call that thing wrapped around his midsection? Does that serve a health/medicinal purpose? Maybe to lessen back pain or something.

footballers in speedos - andrea rispoli - italian soccer star

4. Andrea Rispoli (Italy). Twenty-five-year-old right back Andrea Rispoli is signed with Parma F.C. but he currently plays for Ternana (on loan).

footballers wearing speedo swimsuit - adrian saballs

5. Adrian Saballs (Spain). Madrid native Adrian Saballs currently plays for the Rayo Vallecano which is based in his home city. He’s only 19 years old.

french footballers in speedo - remy cabella

6. Remy Cabella (France). French footballer Remy Cabella is an attacking midfielder for Newcastle United. He also plays for the French national team. He sure looks like he’s having a good time.

italian footballers in speedos - LEONARDO BONUCCI

7. Leonardo Bonucci (Italy). Leonardo is a defender for Serie A club Juventus as well as the Italian national team.

sexy footballers wearing speedos - umberto germano

8. Umberto Germano (Italy). Midfielder Umberto Germano is currently signed with Pro Vercelli but currently plays, on loan, for Lanciano.


9. Xavi Hernandez (Spain). This Spanish footballer, more popularly known by his mononymous name Xavi, is a midfielder for FC Barcelona and the Spain national team. He was named as the World Soccer Player of the Year in 2010 by World Soccer Magazine.

spanish football hunks wearing speedo suits - AYOZE PLACERES

10. Ayoze Placeres (Spain). Twenty two year old Ayoze Placeres Delgado is a center back for UD Las Palmas Atlético.

So who of these footballers in Speedos is your favorite? We generally have a weakness for Neymar but in this particular list we are going to pick  Xavi Hernandez (just because) and Leonardo Bonucci (because of his badass pose). What about you? Who of these guys do you admire on court, off the court, and in their Speedo swimsuits? Tell us in the comments.